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Sexual Harassment

No one needs to put up with sexual harassment.

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Overtime Violations

You are eligible for overtime pay when you work more than 40 hours in one week.

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Minimum Wage Violations

If you just don't feel right about how you are being paid, you need to find out the rules your boss has to follow...

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Discrimination always feels wrong!  If you feel that you have been discriminated against at work...

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Wrongful Termination

Did your boss just pull the trap-door lever while you were standing on the trap door?

Check to see if you have been a victim of one of these red flag events:

Red Flag Events:

  • Firing you because of your age
  • Firing you because of your gender
  • Pay cuts because of a disability
  • Hostile work environments
  • Discrimination at work
  • Overtime violations
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Working off the clock
  • Working for tips that don’t add up to minimum wage
  • Docking wages because of broken dishes
  • Firing because you complained about a safety violation (Whistleblower)
  • Assignment to work shifts based on gender, age, race, or familial status

Red flag events suggest that you should talk to an attorney.  If you were fired, call us.  Every firing is painful.  Many firings are unfair and “wrongful”.

What is wrongful termination?

Wrongful termination is any unfair firing.  Most employers in Utah are proud of the fact that Utah is a “Right to Work” state.  However, most employers don’t know what “Right to Work” means.  They think it means that they can fire anyone for any reason.  That is not true.

“Right to Work”

“Right to Work” means that they can fire you at any time.  However, the same law that gives the boss the Right to Fire gives you the Right to Sue.

“Right to Sue”

You have the right to sue when your boss messes up on firing.  A firing mess-up is called Wrongful Termination.  Here are few examples of messing up on firing:

  • Holding the final paycheck (call us immediately on this one)
  • Failing to pay overtime (call immediately)
  • Withholding pay for broken dishes or other accidents (call immediately)
  • Failing to pay minimum wage for ALL time worked (call immediately)
  • Firing you as part of a pattern of discrimination (gather evidence of the pattern and call us)

Most people come to our office knowing that they are victims of discrimination.  However, they do not understand that they can fight back.  You can sue your boss.  You will make the world a better place by helping your boss to learn how to behave professionally.  You may get a check for your efforts!

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